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Behind the Scenes: Hawker Pacific

Behind the Scenes: Hawker Pacific

Cessna, Beechcraft, Bell and Diamond are some of the biggest names in aviation, and one company puts their aircraft in the hands of Australians – Hawker Pacific. This progressive business has also made a name for itself in maintenance and management, and  or nearly four decades they’ve been changing the face of Australian flying.

The tale of Hawker Pacific starts back in 1927, when legendary British manufacturer The de Havilland Aircraft Company expanded into Australia. Based out of Melbourne, the shiny new subsidiary sold de Havilland’s exciting range of aircraft to a curious new market, and was immediately successful.

The company relocated to larger premises in Sydney in 1930, and further expanded during World War II as they went on to build over 1000 aircraft for the Royal Australian Air Force – largely DH.82 Tiger Moths, with a large number of DH.84 Dragons and DH.98 Mosquitos.

After the war, de Havilland Australia continued to produce planes for the Air Force – Vampires were a mainstay for years – whilst also designing their own indigenous aircraft that were better suited for Australian conditions. In 1959, they became the Aussie distributors for Beechcraft, thus entering the general aviation market for the first time. Several years later, the company was renamed Hawker de Havilland, after being absorbed by Hawker Sidderley. New name; same commitment to excellence.

In 1978, the thriving general aviation division was spun off as Hawker Pacific, to focus on providing the best service to pilots in Australia, Asia and the Middle East. While originally focusing exclusively on Beechcraft, they’ve gone on to also represent Cessna, Bell Helicopter and Diamond, selling their aircraft and providing all necessary support to new and existing owners.

The years since have seen almost constant expansion, driven by a number of key moves. The company has pushed deeper into the Asia-Pacific region, setting up bases in a number of high-growth areas, with services tailored to the unique requirements of each country. These now include the traditional bases of Australia and New Zealand, along with China, Dubai, and a number of Southeast Asian countries.

As well as increased success in terms of geographic coverage, Hawker Pacific have also focused on expanding their portfolio of services and level of support to an increasing number of aircraft manufacturers. The number of employees has swelled to meet demand, with more than 800 people now happily calling Hawker Pacific home.

Today, Hawker Pacific’s business plan encompasses sales for new and used aircraft, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) authorised product support, maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO), aircraft spares supply, fleet management, fixed-based operations (FBO), aircraft management, flight operations and engineering solutions. This wide range of interests has allowed them to power through the recent global economic difficulties to remain a leading force in aviation.

Of course, such success cannot come without a passion to provide the best service possible, and that’s another major reason why Hawker Pacific is currently in such an enviable position. Underpinning the company’s success and expansion has been the core value of providing excellent customer service. Maintaining close relations with all of their customers has allowed Hawker Pacific to build a strong reputation for service across all its markets.

They’ve come a long way in a relatively short time, but their business model is always changing and adapting. The good news is that the best is yet to come.



Hawker Pacific continues to evolve, expanding its range of services and footprint across the globe. In 2007, Hawker Pacific took over as the sales representative for Diamond in Australia and New Zealand, taking care of a brilliant line of aircraft that includes the DA40 Diamond Star and the DA42 Twin Star.

Another prime example of the company’s carefully-planned growth strategy and its investment in the Asia-Pacific region is the recent acquisition of Aeromil Pacific, Cessna’s representative in Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. Bringing Aeromil into the Hawker Pacific family has greatly strengthened the position of the company across three major markets.

Since its inception, Hawker Pacific has invested heavily in its maintenance, repair and overhaul activities throughout Southeast Asia, and is now a leading force in the area. Maintenance and support, including aircraft-on-ground (AOG) callout, are available throughout the region from a number of specialised facilities, and cover a wide range of aircraft types. This has become a major tentpole to the business, with Hawker Pacific earning an exceptional reputation for handling tricky situations.

When it comes to keeping business jets running smoothly, Hawker Pacific are also at the forefront, operating the service centres for companies such as Embraer Executive Jets, Dassault Falcon Jet, Bombardier and Diamond Aircraft. Its wider maintenance capabilities extend across an even wider range of aircraft families, including regional airliners such as the Bombardier Q Series and ATR.

As a logical extension of its sales and maintenance activities, Hawker Pacific established its first fixed base operation in 2003 at Sydney International Airport, alongside the company’s existing maintenance operation.

In 2005, a new FBO/MRO facility was opened in Cairns, and in the same year another FBO was established at Brisbane International Airport. The company also has an FBO located in Perth, ensuring their network extends across the country.

In its quest to further expand across the region, Hawker Pacific opened a new FBO at Seletar Airport in Singapore in 2007, to complement their existing MRO operation.

Signifying an expansion into the thriving Chinese market, Hawker Pacific recently commenced a joint venture with the Shanghai Airport Authority to provide an MRO/FBO facility. The Shanghai Hawker Pacific Business Aviation Service Centre FBO opened for business in 2010, and a year later the MRO services were launched.


Selling and maintaining planes across the region obviously isn’t enough work for the busy people at Hawker Pacific, because they’ve recently taken to the world of aircraft management.

Handled by a dedicated 24 hour-a-day team from their state-of-the-art facility in Singapore, Hawker Pacific offers a full professional service that covers all aspects of ownership and operation.

Under the aircraft management program, Hawker Pacific takes care of all operational aspects, including the provision of flight crew, if required, and acquisition of fuel and ground services. Flight crew are even provided with support and training.

Such a service means that pilots are relieved of much of the day-to-day hassle of ownership, whilst also ensuring a safe, reliable and cost-efficient operation. The company also provides comprehensive aircraft maintenance management and airworthiness management programs, which make longterm maintenance planning and the implementation of modifications a breeze.

In short, Hawker Pacific are there to streamline the entire process, allowing the pilot to enjoy the flight and concentrate on where he wants to go. What could be easier?



Hawker Pacific’s expansion has continued in 2017, as they welcomed the new year by announcing the acquisition of Adagold’s fixed base operations in Brisbane and Cairns.

The two newly-acquired FBOs have been operating under the Hawker Pacific brand since January 24, and the company plans to operate from both their existing facilities and the new ones, as they continue to grow and require more space.

It’s the perfect time for such acquisitions, with the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games just around the corner, a new runway opening at Brisbane Airport in 2020, and Cairns experiencing a boom in tourist numbers.

In addition to added capacity, the closer proximity of the new FBO facility to the new runway at Brisbane Airport will deliver significant time saving for Hawker Pacific customers, further improving the level of service.

Graham Owen, Hawker Pacific Vice President FBO Australia, is certainly excited about the possibilities of the expansion. “It’s an exciting time for Queensland tourism right now and this expansion will significantly strengthen Hawker Pacific’s capacity to capture these growth opportunities,” Owen said. “With the recent announcements of improvement in the mining industry in QLD there is expected to be a lift in the fly-in-fly-out sector. Hawker Pacific is focused on ensuring we continue to meet growing demand in this segment of the market and further cement our position as the leading fixed base operator in the region.”

Hawker Pacific has a long and proud history of excellence in aircraft sales, maintenance and management, but it’s also a company that is forever looking towards the future. The years to come will certainly be exciting for this innovative company.



The last few years have been big ones for Hawker Pacific, with a number of major events propelling the company forward. But it hasn’t all been about huge acquisitions and groundbreaking partnerships – they’ve also been helping people across the globe, whilst still making time for the odd adventure here and there!

February 23, 2013

Hawker Pacific welcomed two shiny new Baron G58s, following an astounding journey across the globe from America to Australia. The record-breaking planes flew 2045 nautical miles across the Pacific Ocean to Hilo, Hawaii in less than 12 hours, before heading off on the second, and longest, leg of the journey (2235nm) to Pago Pago, American Samoa which took 12-and-a-half hours. The aircraft were then flown to the Gold Coast (2159nm) before arriving at Bankstown, Sydney. The two Baron G58 aircraft flew a total distance of 8551nm and flying time on the brand new aircraft was 48.51hours. According to the pilots the aircraft ‘performed like champions’ – and their new owners are also very happy with them.

March 31, 2014

Lockheed Martin Australia and Pilatus Aircraft, supported by Hawker Pacific, jointly launched a bid to provide a new pilot training system for the Australian Defence Force.

The consortium, known as Team 21, submitted its proposal for the AIR 5428 Pilot Training System, and under the proposal, Australian Defence Force pilots will graduate from a proven training system tailored to Australian requirements.

“Team 21 offers superior performance, a proven team in Australia and capability for the future,” said Raydon Gates, Lockheed Martin Australia chief executive. “We have an established track record and have now graduated 20 classes from a Pilatus PC-21 based pilot training program at RAAF Base Pearce. BWC has very similar mission and support systems as proposed for AIR 5428, significantly reducing risk to the Commonwealth.”

Selection of Team 21’s comprehensive pilot training solution will provide Australia with a fifth generation training system, delivering a safe, affordable and practical solution for today’s training needs while also supporting future requirements.

December 18, 2014

Thousands of people in remote areas of Australia have benefitted from life-saving that was purchased by the Royal Flying Doctor Service thanks to a donation from Hawker Pacific. The company provided $23,400 for the purchase of a number of different expensive machines for clinics throughout North Queensland.

“This is not just an investment in medical resources for the Flying Doctor, but also an investment in the health and wellbeing of families and individuals in some of northern Queensland’s most remote and vulnerable communities,” explained the Hawker Pacific CEO.

The Flying Doctors also welcomed a lovely new 2014 model Beechcraft B200 Air King, which will make a monumental difference in their campaign to save lives.

June 4, 2015

Hawker Pacific, Aviation Australia and Air Niugini launched a new engineering cadet training partnership set to develop the aviation sector in the developing market of New Guinea.

The exciting new training programme offered will allow graduates to attain specialised “on the job” training. In the past this type of training was conducted in a simulated training environment. This new form of training is world-class.

September 1, 2016

Hawker Pacific facilitated the inroduction of eight new additions to the Australian International Aviation College (AIAC) Diamond Aircraft fleet of DA20 C1 and DA40 CS aircraft. The relationship between the two organisations has been fostered for some time: “Hawker Pacific is proud to be part of the growth of the Australian International Aviation College (AIAC) in Port Macquarie. We are delighted with their recent purchase of a fleet of six new Diamond DA40 NG and two new Diamond DA42-VI aircraft. We have been working with AIAC since 2012 and look forward to continuing our strong association with the team at AIAC on future projects” observed Nick Jones, VP Aircraft Sales at the time.

November 8th, 2016

Hawker Pacific NZ Ltd were honoured as recipients of the annual New Zealand Minister of Defence Industry Awards of Excellence for 2016 have been announced. They were awarded the top spot for the provision of a service to defence of less than $15 million, providing and maintaining aircraft for the Royal New Zealand Air Force. Staff from Hawker Pacific travelled to Fiji with the RNZAF following Cyclone Winston, where they provided engineering support.


Hawker Pacific maintains exclusive distribution rights to some of the most popular and well-regarded planes available. From single-engine trainers to state-of-the-art business jets, they offer the lot, ensuring they have a machine that will be perfect for you. Whether you’re looking at new or used, look no further.



With a reputation for innovation and quality spanning more than eight decades, Beechcraft continues to inspire with aircraft that deliver performance, reliability and value.

The G36 Bonanza can trace its lineage back to 1945, but don’t worry, this is one seriously modern and up-to-date aircraft. With special-edition, 300-horsepower Teledyne Continental Motors high-performance engines and a state-of-the-art Garmin G1000 integrated avionics suite, it’s a very special aircraft that’s built to handle a wide range of situations.

The next-generation Beechcraft Baron G58 has room for six and is capable of providing one of the smoothest rides of any aircraft in its class. It’s a great little plane that is surprisingly powerful.

The King Air range of utility aircraft is diverse enough to appeal to business clients, as well as commercial, government and military operators. These turbine-powered workhorses are rugged and dependable, having logged around 50 million flying hours since first showing up in 1964. They’re big and burly and sure to get the job done in style.



More than a dozen different flavours of Cessna are available in Australia, and the wide range is sure to appeal to pilots from all different walks of life.

At the simpler end of the scale are the 172 Skyhawk and 182 Skylane, with the former being the most popular aircraft of all time. Perfect as trainers or as lifetime companions, they’re built to last and still provide plenty of performance.

The Turbo Stationair and Grand Caravan are mid-priced planes that outperform all others in their categories. The Caravan is the ultimate utility vehicle, with a massive range of 900 nautical miles, plenty of space for passengers or supplies, and the ability to take off and land on astonishingly short runways.

At the upper reaches are truly magnificent super jets such as the Citation Latitude, Mustang and XLS. Fast, smooth and elegant, they’re more than a match for any competing business jet and are the aircraft of choice or the most successful people across the globe.



These Austrian wonders really are a fantastic asset for Hawker Pacific crown. There’s the sporty and fun DA20, which handles like a sports car with wings and is perfect for joy flights.

The DA40 comes in three variations, starting with the standard CS, which is fully customisable so that you can create the flying experience you’ve always dreamed of. If you need something burlier, the Tundra Star variation comes with specially-designed rough terrain landing gear so that you can put it down in the roughest of back paddocks without breaking a sweat.

The most obvious feature of the DA42-VI is the diesel engine, which promises lower operating costs and lower fuel consumption with an increase of comfort, power and performance. The DA42-VI is renowned for its extreme range, being equipped with twin Jet A1 powered AE300 turbo diesel engines produced by Austro Engines, making it perfectly suited for cross country journeys.

Finally, there’s the gorgeous DA62. With space for seven passengers, stylish interiors and all the mod cons, it’s the perfect aircraft for the discerning world traveller. The fact it can travel at 200kts, with a range of more than 1300nm doesn’t hurt, either!



If you prefer rotors to wings, then Hawker Pacific has you covered with their exciting range of Bell choppers. The newest addition is the long-awaited and highly-anticipated Bell 505 JetRanger X, a phenomenal machine that seats four, looks great, and flies like a dream.

Their other shiny new helicopter is the 525 Relentless, which is a robust machine and has space for 20 passengers. It boasts impressive payload and range, huge cabin and cargo volumes, and superior crew visibility.

Hawker Pacific also offers the Bell 206, 407, 412, and 429 models. Covering a vast range of price points and sizes, these choppers are reliable and rugged.

One of the most popular models, thanks to its safety, cost, and versatility is the 412EPi, which seats 15 and is part of the legendary Huey family. Like the other Bells, it’s nearly indestructible, but Hawker Pacific is there for all your maintenance needs, so you can fly freely!

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