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What Happens Next?

by Owen Zupp

If we had a crystal ball to peer into the future we’d all be richer, happier, wiser and, possibly, rather bored which is certainly not an affliction that aviation pundits suffer. From the moment Icarus strapped himself into his nifty wings, doomsdayers and naysayers have been predicting the worst possible outcome for men who dare to fly. They’re also pretty quick to castigate the regulators, student flyers, the military and any number of groups that don’t conform to the rules in their small universe. However, here at Aviator we maintain a balanced view and are simply content to hypothesize, predict and preach. ‘Quo vadis, aviation?’ as Kirk Douglas would say or, for our younger viewers, in the immortal words of Harry Potter: ‘the consequences of our actions are so complicated, so diverse, that predicting the future is a very difficult business indeed.’ Sure, it’s tough but we’ll give it a crack…

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