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The Prince and the Tiger?

The Prince and the Tiger?


The Australian Army has still not stated whether Prince Harry will take to the skies in a helicopter as we went to press. However, if he does, it will most likely be in a Tiger, one of the “world’s most advanced armed reconnaissance helicopters”.

Commanding Officer of Darwin’s 1st Brigade, Brigadier Mick Ryan, would not confirm whether the 30-year-old Prince, or Captain Wales as he will be known for his Top End tour, would jump into the cockpit of an Australian Army Tiger attack helicopter during his four-week stint with the ADF.

“He may fly, but that will be under the discretion of the commanding officer of the aviation unit. We have world class combat aviators here, and they will be able to make decisions based on that.”

Prince Harry has been described as “at the very top of his profession” by his former Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Colonel Tom de la Rue.

The French-built Eurocopter Tiger EC665, 16 of which are stationed in Darwin, is a commercial rival to the larger Boeing Apache attack helicopter which Prince Harry flew in two tours of Afghanistan in 2012 and 2013.

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