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Thank You, Jeeves

Thank You, Jeeves


Cirrus Aircraft has put its head down and come up with a rather novel solution for those big boys who want toys but don’t have enough time to play with them. The ‘Cirrus On Demand’ programme allows new Cirrus Aircraft owners who are not currently pilots to still zip about in their shiny machines whilst also learning on the job. With program, an experienced, certified Cirrus pilot is at the disposal of a new Cirrus Aircraft owner. From the first day of ownership, Cirrus On Demand customers benefit from immediate and safe utility of their aircraft. Real-time flight training comes included, meaning the new owner can train while flying the aircraft for business or on a weekend getaway.

The Cirrus ‘On Demand’ pilots are Instructor Pilots who have been professionally trained and evaluated by Cirrus training specialists and trained to the company’s corporate flight standards. Additional credentials for these pilots include: Commercial Pilot Certificate and a Certified Flight Instructor with an instrument rating (CFII). This corporate pilot is fully qualified by Cirrus Corporate Flight Operations to fly in all legal weather. They will also manage all aspects of flight operation; from flight planning and preflight safety to loading/unloading passengers and baggage, fuel and travel planning, including booking hotels and car rental. Should the owner desire to work toward their own pilot’s license, their pilot will provide training and all training materials required for certification.

All in all, a rather brilliant idea and perfect for the business owner who wants to become a pilot, but has found the time commitment of traditional flight training daunting. Of course, the programme is only available in the States thus far but might be coming to cattle station near you soon!

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