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Engineering a Reverse

Engineering a Reverse

A disallowance motion has been carried in the Senate which will reverse regulation changes that LAMEs claimed were unsafe. Nick Xenophon tabled the notice of motion last year in reaction to CAR part 145 manual of standards amendments. This was designed to widen the definition of which workers came under the category of specialist aircraft maintenance. Questions were raised about the ability of licensed aircraft maintenance engineers to certify work by specialist maintenance personnel under the new regime. The maintenance engineers’ union also argued that engineers could be prevented from signing off on many jobs they presently certify.

Currently, LAMEs supervise work and then sign off before another qualified engineer signs a certificate of ‘return to service’ to allow an aircraft to return to service based on the previous approvals.

The union claimed the Part 145 rules might allow specialist workers to sign off on their own work without understanding the ramifications of how they could affect wider aircraft systems. Officials gave the example of a carpet layer who had inadvertently cut wiring for an emergency lighting system.

The Part 145 MOS has been in place since 2011 – CASA will now enter a period of consultation about how the disallowance can best be addressed.

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