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Brumby LSA

Brumby LSA

The Brumby LSA is a light sport aircraft designed to fulfill buyers’ desire for an all metal, two-seat, training and recreational aircraft with short field performance and docile handling combined with excellent visibility.

Even a GA pilot has to admit it is pretty handy to be able to buy a factory built, all metal two seat training or recreational aircraft for around $120,000 plus GST. That said, the recreational buyer who wants to do a quick build kit can also satisfy their penchant for handy work with the Brumby from $48,000 plus GST registered in the experimental category with RA-Aus.

Australia’s Brumby Aircraft could well be likened to its equine namesake. On the outside it has smooth, dynamic lines, a tough exterior and even a little bit of attitude. In short, it looks like it can perform. Underneath is the pudding that provides the proof. With a cruise speed of 110 knots there is more than enough brumbies under the cowling to make touring a pleasure. The ride is comfortable and roomy enough to really fit two real people as opposed to the imaginary tiny people some engineers must have in mind. The baggage area is six cubic feet behind the seat plus a large parcel tray.

Visibility gets five gold stars, especially if you are already a fan of low wing aircraft. The wing is designed to be very strong, provide docile stalling behavior and useful short field performance.

Using the Brumby for flying training is a breeze due to its performance and handling characteristics. Dual flight controls need not be mentioned, but the presence of toe brakes and nose wheel steering is a point worth making, along with electric flaps. The seats have adjustable positioning – something often lacking in light aircraft these days. Visibility is maximized with a bubble canopy, or alternatively a gull-wing canopy as an option with the kit version.

State of the art manufacturing processes are employed to ensure consistently high quality. A CNC milling machine precisely etches every part exactly as designed. Purchasers of the kit version of the Brumby will appreciate the time saved by not trying to make parts that don’t fit…fit!

Brumby Aircraft prides itself on its after sale service with over 20 years experience in manufacturing aircraft and certified aircraft parts. Being located in central NSW means they are able to respond quickly and personally to clients’ needs anywhere around Australia. Brumby’s after sales support includes custom paint work, maintenance, modifications, welding repairs and machining or manufacturing of parts. Brumby’s PG Aviation has a CASA approval for the issue of certificates of airworthiness in the normal.

The Brumby is affordable to fly, strong and spacious. If you haven’t got this one on your short list for a two seat LSA, you better give it a look. Choose it as a standard tricycle undercarriage configuration or tail wheel with anything from basic VFR to full IFR panel.

Wing Span:                         28ft
Length of fuselage:             20ft
Engine options:             Jabiru 2200, 3300, Rotax 912
Propeller:                         2 blade timber
Fuel capacity:             120lts
MTOW:                         544kg RAA or 600kg LSA
Empty weight:             320kg
Cruise speed:                        110kt
Stall speed:                         35kts
Landing speed:             65kt

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  1. had close up look at ausfly Narromine old ga pilot would love to fly the brumby my type of aeroplane

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